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About AgriTerre Seed

As third generation farmers with a passion for raising soil to its maximum potential, Sara and I started AgriTerre Seed in Rupert, Idaho with the primary mission of creating perfectly balanced blends of cover crops that target field pest and disease and spreading best practices in the production of an investment crop. Since its founding in 2016 AgriTerre Seed has expanded to now offer a full line up of forage and cover crop products including nematode resistant varieties, alfalfa, pasture mixes, custom grazing mixes, and Pioneer brand products. Though we are based out of Rupert, Idaho we provide retail and wholesale seed service to all states in the Western U.S. including Hawaii. We pride ourselves on being your local forage and cover crop experts. No matter what your cropping goals are, from grazing to reducing field compaction, AgriTerre Seed will help you profitably achieve the best results.

Our Company

Founded in Rupert, Idaho in 2016

Our Mission

Provide meaningful cover crop solutions that provide a clear and measurable dividend in soil health

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